By just wearing a t-shirt the shirt can get dirty and stinky. Also, they can wrinkle. This gets worse if you include sweat, oils of the body, flake of skin and lotions and creams.

The best option is to wash your clothes with your hands, however it’s not practical for the majority of us. Make sure to use a gentle cycle and cold water inside your washing machine.


In order to prolong the lifespan of your clothes it is essential to take proper care of them. Each detail is important to preserve the fabric and form of the shirt.

Make sure you treat your stain before you clean them using the use of a dishwashing liquid or an enzyme stain remover. This will remove the bulk of staining before they set.

Dry cleaning isn’t recommended for clothing. The damage it causes to them makes them wear faster. It is also important to check your clothes regularly to check for wear and wear. It will allow you to extend the lifespan of your clothes, and also have new ones available in all times.


It is a fact that clothes can be soiled and smelly or even wrinkled, when worn isn’t a secret. This is due to the fact that they come exposed to sweat as well as body oils, dead hair follicles.

Use a high-quality detergent in the sink or bathtub with water that is at the temperature indicated on the label. Immerse the shirt and gently slide the shirt between the soapy and warm water.

It is also recommended to use detergent or soap to wash your collar gently and the collar band. Additionally, it is possible to clean underarms, cuffs and collars. This can help reduce staining of the collar result of sweat and the dead cells of your skin.

Get rid of stains

Even the best-made clothes are prone to staining due to sweat, food blood, ink, and mildew. The best option is to apply an anti-stain pen or stain remover prior to the stain having the chance to develop.

Shampoo can be a fantastic method to get rid of stains on collars. Apply some shampoo to the collar, rub it into the collar and allow to it sit for about thirty minutes. After that, wash the collar as usual.

The deodorant’s aluminum reacts with body oils leading to yellowing and staining on the armpits. Make a solution to soak then apply stain removal paste.


A few wrinkles or creases could make a professional look an unprofessional one. The regular ironing of your clothes keeps them looking fresh professional, polished and in excellent state.

Cleanse with distilled water the iron prior to ironing in order to stop the accumulation of minerals. This will cut down on the amount of time you need to clean and maintain your iron.

The cuffs of the shirt first by smoothing the fabric on both sides using your fingers prior to placing the iron. Once the cuff of your shirt has been smudge-free, flip the sleeves and make large strokes to iron the other part.


It’s much quicker to utilize a steamer instead of an iron to touch up and provides a superior appearance. Make sure to use distilled water in order to avoid build-up of minerals or blockage of the steam holes on the soleplate. It is also recommended to be working in smaller sections and ensure that the steamer is moving continuously. The moisture can rapidly accumulate.

For a perfect fit of your shirt while folding it, be sure that you button the buttons. Make sure to align your cuffs across the seams on the side. Be sure to let your garment get cool, then completely dry prior to putting it into your wardrobe or closet. A lot of moisture can result in mildew or bacteria.

Proper Storage

The thoi trang cao cap aristino must be kept in a proper manner to preserve their look and their quality. If they are stored properly regardless of whether folded or stored in boxes, the wrinkles are minimized and the shirts will be protected from humidity, dust, bugs, and sun fade.

Keep a t-shirt in the same manner as you fold it, or hang it up after wearing. It is also important to check the shirts regularly for indications of wear or damage which may require care. Sorting your clothes according to the color and design will bring an aesthetic appeal to your wardrobe. This also makes it easier to locate specific objects.