The technology of anti-counterfeit provide some tools like barcodes, or QR codes, for b product information, and it works protection from bad products. Users can easily identify the products information with the help of protection tools. Here we will see more things about anti counterfeit packaging technologies.

What are the types of anti counterfeit packaging?

Many solutions are there of anti-counterfeit packaging’s, like barcodes of 1d, or 2d size, radio type frequency verification, or trace type solutions are also there for helping people, and for protection from bad products.

Benefits of anti counterfeit packaging technologies:

  • Cost-effective: The codes like barcodes or other things used to verify the products are very easy to use, and also cost-effective. These things don’t make much money in production; all codes are completely easily verifiable.

  • Easy modification: If someone wants to add information, or want to modify the anti counterfeit packaging technologies,it’s very easy to do. The information can be easily added or can get modified. Changes can be done easily but under the word limit of the tool.
  • Safe people: Sometimes shopkeepers can sell a bad product with the wrong modification, or with a wrong expiring date. In this anti counterfeit technology, people can see the right information about the product, so they can buy the right goods.


The scanners of barcodes are also available in the market, and measures of anti counterfeit are mainly get used for detecting activities of counterfeiting. It’s a safe digital thing, which is mainly getting used in goods of a shop, or any mall areas.