Virtually everyone is Doing anything possible nowadays to conserve our natural resources and the environment. As with other business sectors, the trend is being followed by the construction sector toward implementing friendly practices. This implies structures with characteristics that minimize energy use and reduce the dependence on nonrenewable resources that are valuable. For projects it begins with sustainability in architectural design. Green construction designs create a comfortable and healthy living environment which has minimal environmental effect. Energy features benefit from sources to conserve power and water. Building owners benefit from a decrease in operation and maintenance costs along with the satisfaction of knowing they are contributing to a healthy environment. Bioclimatic Architecture provides the foundation. When creating a construction layout, the architect variables in the climate and conditions to make a living space.

Main windows with a southern exposure can take the advantage of power that is available. Trees in locations provide a buffer against winter wind. Solar energy collection systems can harness the sun’s rays to heat, cool. Room designs are important elements of architecture. The surface area is limited by A shape that is streamlined. This makes the construction more cost effective cool and to heat. Arranging hallways, laundry rooms, and storage space along exterior walls creates a buffer zone between the outside and space making it much more easy to maintain temperatures that are comfortable. An earth’s walls rammed home are backfilled with dirt. This construction technique takes advantage of the heating and cooling properties of the ground for climate control. Homeowners start recovering their investment instantly and cooling expenses although Assembling an earth rammed home is costly.

In materials, general Using a thermal mass are more powerful since they are in a position to absorb the energy of the sun and release it. Materials in this class include brick, rock, and concrete. Once the building is coldest heat from sunlight is released at night. Those on the side have to be bare as the effect lessens, to take complete advantage of the mass properties of flooring. Plumbing designs that are Complex can reduce the demand for water. Collection of gray water from bathtubs and sinks gives an quantity of water for irrigating landscaping and gardens. An energy efficient construction makes the use of natural lighting to decrease the use of light sources. This requires maintaining the balance between allowing sunlight in while maintaining heat loss. Windows receive little sunlight but let the majority of the sunlight. Even light is provided by windows with minimal warmth and summer heat gain.